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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A start of the new imaging project, NGC 2174, the "Monkey Head Nebula"

At March 9 I managed to exposure about four hours of  H-alpha light for NGC 2147.
I'll shoot more exposures for this soon to have more signal and colors.

There seems to be some rarely imaged faint looped shapes at bottom of the object, I haven't seen them before.

NGC 2174, the Monkey Head Nebula in Orion

NGC 2174 in light of an ionized hydrogen only

A starless version

I haven't noticed the extended area of gas at bottom of the photo. There seems to be some very faint loop like gas filaments, I'll shoot more exposures for H-alpha soon to have a better signal for them.

An inverted image to show the bottom filaments better

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