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Monday, January 26, 2015

New exhibition in Oulu, Finland

Astronomical nature photographing, an exhibition
Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 12-18.00 every week until the end of the February.
Kajaaninkatu 13, Oulu, welcome!

An exhibition poster, my photo of NGC 281 at background


Some photos from the exhibition, many new photos as a high quality aluminium prints

An aluminium print of constellation Cygnus at right, 90 x 144cm

A photographic print of Veil nebula at light of ionized Oxygen only, 30x40cm

NGC 1499, the California Nebula, an aluminium print, 55x70cm

At to, an aluminium print of the Tulip nebula, 58x70cm. At bottom, Sharpless 132, as an aluminium print, 50x70cm.

The Pelican Nebula at bottom left, an aluminum print at size of 62x110cm and many others.

A collection of real museum quality photographic prints at many sizes

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