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Friday, November 7, 2014

Astro Anarchy gets published

I shot my astronomical photos about five years from the rooftop of the Swedish Private School here in Oulu, Finland. Last year I had to find another location since they started to build an expansion for the school at the rooftop. I was so glad, when Anders Wentin from the school contacted me and ask, if I'm able to deliver an artwork from some of my photos to the School.  Yesterday, at 6. 11. 2014, the artwork was revealed.

The photo is printed on dibond aluminium sheets and covered with a hard and glossy laminate. The size is 3600 x 1600mm (142 x 63 inch). There are three panels used for the final artwork. Seams are so thin, that's not possible to see them easily.

The Path of Swans 
A large photo print in Swedish Private School, Oulu

One of the guests as a scale. The photo is very sharp in that scale since it's a mosaic image of about 18 panels from the high resolution astronomical camera. The photo is taken from the rooftop of the same building, where is now for display.

The photo
Click for a large image, 2400 x 1100 pixels and 3,5MB

Original print size was around 22000 x 10000 pixels. This is actually a smaller area from one of my large mosaic images. The original blog post about the image, with technical details, can be found HERE.

My previous large print

Artwork above is not a largest print made from my photos. Much larger one was published at spring 2014. More ifo about this gigantic, over 10 x 3 m, print can be seen in this blog post:

The Cirrus of Cygnus
A very large photographic print on aluminium, 3x10m

The photo is printed on aluminium and it has a glossy finishing. This is one of the largest art prints I have ever seen. The size of the photographic prin is over 3 x 10 meters (= 10 x 33 feet) 

Even in that size, the image is very sharp, since the original image is in very high resolution due to mosaic technique used. An info board for the artwork can be seen next to the door at middle right.

This photo is actually a upper part from the very large cygnus mosaic. The new print is the lower part of the mosaic. Here is the original photo of the whole area.

More inf about this photo:


Unknown said...

Fantastic photograph! Congrats!

J-P Metsavainio said...

Thanks Justin!