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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2014

The winners of the Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2014 competition by the Royal Observatory Greenwich has been published today at 19.30 at UK time. 

Over 2500 images from 51 countries participated this competition,
photos from best imagers, best tools and best locations around the world.
My image of IC 1340 wins the shared THIRD PLACE, "Highly Commended", in Deep space category
My placed photo, IC 340, a detail of the Veil Nebula
A supernova remnant in constellation Cygnus

A detail image of the Veil Nebula supernova remnant. Angular size about the same as full Moon.

Technical details and other information about this photo

The original blog post of the IC 1340 from Autumn 2012, with a technical details:

This photo was taken with a kind of modest tool, an old Meade LX200 GPS 12" telescope:

The Meade telescope is not in use anymore:
(An advice! Don't buy any Meade equipments, they are generally very poor quality)
The new imaging system is under construction at the moment.

Location of the detail image in a wide field image

Area of interest marked as a white rectangle

Location of the Veil Nebula in constellation Cygnus

Veil Nebula at most left

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