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Friday, May 9, 2014

Simeis 147 supernova remnant in Taurus, with and without stars

Now and then I'm publishing some experimental material of mine. This time I made an animated image about Simeis 147 SNR in Taurus. In this animation, the supernova remnant can be seen with and without stars. Human brains has a tendency to form quasi shapes from a random cloud of dots, like stars in this case. This is a very effective method to show the actual nebula and its details.

I'm planning to use the star removal procedure to hunt down some old and very diffused planetary nebulae, located at a dense star field in the Milky Way. They might have a very large angular dimensions and the surface brightness is extremely low. Due to that, they get easily buried under a dense star field.

Simeis 147 (Sh2-240)

Stars vs Starless
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Original image of the Simeis 147

More images and the technical details can be seen here:


You might know, that I lost my imaging setup at last January. Due to some serious electrical problems all the components are fried beyond any repair. Least it'll cost more than a new scope.

I haven't been able to find a corporate sponsors yet, for the new telescope and the mount. I do have couple of sponsors for the cameras though. I'll inform more about them later. Please contact, if you are interested to become a sponsor! astroanarchy (at)
The sponsor will have lots of positive visibility for a many years.  

Some info about my work as an astronomical photographer

J-P Metsavainio 

- Born 1964
- studies Art, Architecture, experienced in telecommunication manufacturing and development.
- Specialized in the astrophotography since 1998, I love to reveal some of the hidden beauty of the universe around us.

Some publications:

- Eight NASA APOD's at the moment (Astronomy Picture Of the Day)
- Many images in National Geographic image portfolio and several astronomical images of the week.
- Many images in the Science Photo Library archive in London
- The astronomer Phil Plait collected an annual list of the best astronomical images for the year 2012.
(My experimental image of IC 1396 was selected to this list. Nuber sixth from the top.)
- My photo of the constellation Cygnus was selected as one of the best amateur astronomy photographs of the past four years by the Daily Telegraph 2014.
- Lots of publishing by many printed and online magazines, some logos are shown at top right corner here in my blog. 

I'm also a regular speaker in astromical happenings like NEAIC New York (North East Astro Imaging Conference) and the European version of it CEDIC (Central european Deepsky Imaging Conference)

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Best regards and clear skies,
J-P Metsavainio, Astro Anarchy Observatory, Finland

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