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Saturday, May 24, 2014

North America Nebula, a zoom in animation

I have shot many targets with a several focal lengths and instruments.
Due to that, I'm able to publish some of my photos as an image set, with a different field of view and detail levels. The fractal nature of our universe stands out nicely by this way and it will make the orientation more easy.

Zooming into the North America Nebula, NGC 7000
An animated GIF, 3,4MB

A closeup of NGC 7000, the Great Wall

More info about this image HERE
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An animated 3D study of the North America Nebula can be seen HERE

A study about the apparent scale in the sky
Note. an apparent size of the Moon is marked as a circle.
Moon has an angular diameter of ~0,5 degrees, that's ~30 arc minutes.

Click for a large image