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Sunday, February 2, 2014

A poster format collection from the Cepheus project

In this collection of my images, the objects shown in a large mosaic of the constellation Cepheus, are collected together. There are indicator lines to show the actual location of object in a large context. As can be seen, I have shot many objects in various focal lengths.

 The Cepheus project was my last published image before the major break down of my imaging equipment.

The Cepheus collection
Be sure to click the image to see it in full scale! (2400 x 2000 pixels and 4,5 MB)

All images are in mapped colors from the emission of ionized elements, R=Sulfur, G=Hydrogen and B=Oxygen.
An Original blog post of The Cepheus project can be seen HERE.

Small images clockwise, starting from the top left 
  1. Cave Nebula, a closeup:
  2. Cave Nebula, a wide field shot:
  3. Sharpless 140:
  4. Sharpless 129:
  5. Elephant's Trunk Nebula:
  6. IC 1396:
  7. Sharpless 132, a wide field shot:
  8. Sharpless 132, a closeup:
  9. The Wizard Nebula:
  10. Sharpless 157
  11. Bubble Nebula:

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marcelo said...

Excelente Amigo!! Te felicito desde Resustencia - Chaco (Argentina).
En estas tierras tenemos el Metrorito Chaco. El 2° meteorito mas grante del mundo.
Si algun dia pasas por aca te aseguro que te llevare a conocerlo