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Monday, December 16, 2013

NGC 6823 and many many stars

This wide field image shows many targets in very dense star field. From the Sharpless catalog, Sh2-90 and Sh2-88, from the NGC catalog, NGC 6820, 6823 and 6830 and many other named objects.

NGC 6823
In constellation Vulpecula, click for a large image

A bicolor image, H-a=RED, O-III=Green and Blue. This combination is very near to visual spectrum.
Note, the "noise" in the image is actually countless number of stars.
Click for a large image, 1200x1700 pixels and 3,3MB
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A detail

This detail image is about 1:1 scale from the original photo.


An animation, stars vs starless
Click for a large image

A starless image shows some details, otherwise get buried under a massive amount of stars.
There are some filament like structures visible at lower left and lower middle.

Technical details

Processing work flow:
Image acquisition, MaxiDL v5.07.
Stacked and calibrated in CCDStack2.
Deconvolution with a CCDStack2 Positive Constraint, 33 iterations, added at 33% weight
Levels, curves and color combine in PS CS3.

Optics, Canon EF 200mm camera lens at f1.8
Camera, QHY9
Guiding, Meade LX200 GPS 12" and a Lodestar guider
Image Scale, ~5 arcseconds/pixel
H-alpha, 12x1200s = 4h
O-III, 12x1200s = 4h
Total exposure time 8h

Hydrogen emission only (H-alpha)

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