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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Autumn season 2013 opened finally!

Last night I was able to open up my imaging season. After six months mandatory summer pause, it's great to be back!
As usually, this first light for the season is more like a test shot. I need to re collimate my optical path and fine tune my gears for optimal image quality.

A closeup of the Butterfly Nebula
First light for the Autumn season 2013

Image is in mapped colors, from the emission of ionized elements, R=Sulfur, G=Hydrogen and B=Oxygen.

Image in visual spectrum


Butterfly Nebula in constellation Cygnus. This wide field image is taken with Canon EF 200mm f1.8 camera optics, QHY9 astro camera and Baader narrowband fiters. Colors in new detail image are from this photo.
Area of interest is marhed with a white rectangle. More info about this image in HERE.

Technical details:

Processing work flow:
Image acquisition, MaxiDL v5.07.
Stacked and calibrated in CCDStack2.
Deconvolution with a CCDStack2 Positive Constraint, 33 iterations, added at 33 % weight
Levels, curves and color combine in PS CS3.

Optics, Meade LX200 12"
Camera, QHY9
Guiding, Starlight Express active optics unit, SXV-AO, and lodestar guider.
Image Scale, ~0,75 arcseconds/pixel
H-alpha 7x1200s, Binned 1x1 = 3h 20min.
O-III and S-II channels are from an older wide field image  HERE.

A single calibrated 20min. H-alpha light frame

Image is calibrated with darks and a bias corrected flats. No other processing but nonlinear stretching.

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