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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A two frame mosaic of IC 1805

This is a two frame mosaic of IC 1805, the Heart Nebula. Image shows a detail, from much large nebula complex, in natural colors. Colors are combined to a visual spectrum from emissions of ionized elements.

 A detail of IC 1805 emission nebula

Natural color composition from the emission of ionized elements.
R=80%Hydrogen+20%Sulfur, G=100%Oxygen and B=85%Oxygen+15% Hydrogen to compensate otherwise missing H-beta emission. This composition is very close to a visual spectrum.

This image in a HST-palette and technical details can be found from my previous post

A study about the apparent scale in the sky
Moon size circle as a scale

This zoom in series shows the apparent scale of the Heart nebula.
Note. a Moon size circle in images as a scale.
The apparent size of the full Moon is ~30 arc minutes, that's equal to ~0.5 degrees.

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