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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Melotte 15 as an experimental 3D-study

I have done several 3D-studies out of my astronomical images. Models are based on some known scientific facts and an artistic impression. This is an approximation to the real structure of the nebula, an educated guess, it gives a feel to the object and an idea, what it must really be like.

There are several 3D-modes to see from the same material. Animated 3D, free view stereo pairs and an anaglyph Red/Cyan 3D.

An animated 3D-study of Melotte 15
Please, let the animation load to see a smooth movement

Note. A largish file, 6.7MB
There are nothing else used than a real image elements from the original 2D-shot!

An original image used for the 3D-model

The blog post about the Melotte 15, with a technical details, can be seen here:

An other version of the animated 3D
An experiment with a zoom effect

Note. A largish file, 6.7MB

Free view stereo pairs
Viewing instructions

For a Parallel Vision method

Click for a large image

For a Cross Vision method

Click for a large image

An anaglyph Red/Cyan 3D
Pair of Red/Cyan eyeglasses are needed to see this 3d-image!
(Red and Blue filters will do the trick, red goes to left eye.)

Click for a large image


All my 3D-studies, stereo pairs and an anaglyph 3D, can be found here:

Animated versions are here:


Anonymous said...

This is amazing, you should really work for BBC, History, NG or Discovery space documentaries. SHOW THEM THESE IMAGES! :D

Parker said...

The 3D animation of Melotte-15 looks awesome!! I love the way in which even the colors remain consistent in specific areas of the animation. Wonderful visualization for the animation!

Hyperlinks Media said...

These images are amazing! Great job!

Unknown said...

Do you have a hi res version for sale or download? This would make for an insane phone wallpaper