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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Veil Nebula collection as a poster

I started this Autumn season by shooting the Veil Nebula Supernova remnant. The Veil Nebula is very large and low surface brightness object in the constellation Cygnus, at distance of about 1400 light years.
Even though I used every single clear moment, all I got is three separate images. I was planning to shoot couple of two panel mosaics but the weather up here was very much against my plans.

Veil nebula collection, HST-palette
Large image, 1900x1500 pixels and 3MB

Image collection in HST-palette (Named after a palette used by the Hubble Space Telescope.)
Ionized elements are mapped to color channels, Red =Sulfur, Green=Hydrogen and Blue=Oxygen.

Veil nebula collection, visual colors
Large image, 1900x1500 pixels and 3MB

Image collection in visual spectrum. Ionized elements are mapped to match visual light, Red=(Hydrogen + Sulfur 20%),  Green =Oxygen and Blue=(Oxygen + Hydrogen 15% to compensate missing H-beta light)
At bottom middle, a wide field image of the Veil nebula SNR. There are white rectangles to mark locations of the closeup images around and image is labeled.
Note. the apparent size of the Moon is marked as a circle in a wide field image at the bottom center.

Images used for this collection

A 3D-experiment and a study about the scale in the sky

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