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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Meet your maker

"The creation of Adam"
An updated version of Michelangelo's fresco in Sistine Chapel ceiling, an original artwork from the year 1512

Info about the original fresco in Wikipedia:

Meet your maker
We all are children of supernovae

The most common elements, like carbon and nitrogen, are created in the cores of most stars, fused from lighter elements like hydrogen and helium. The heaviest elements, like iron, however, are only formed in the massive stars which end their lives in supernova explosions. Even heavier elements are born in the extreme conditions of the explosion itself. 

Without dying stars, life would not be possible. Our blood has iron in the hemoglobin which is vital to our ability to breath. We need oxygen in our atmosphere to breathe. Nitrogen enriches our planet's soil. 
Without supernovae, we can have gas planets, stars and galaxies but not cars, cows, solid planets, humans or any life. We all are children of supernova explosions.

Simeis 147, a supernova remnant in constellation Taurus

Technical details and other info about the Simeis 147 (Sh2-240) can be seen in my blog post here:
I finalized this image at February 2012, the total exposure time is about 30h.

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