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Friday, February 17, 2012

A panorama mosaic, from IC 1396 to Sh2-129, finalized

A two frame mosaic, from IC 1396 to the Sh2-129 
In constellation Cepheus

Image is in HST-palette from an emission of ionized elements, R=Sulfur, G=Hydrogen and B=Oxygen.

Note. The dark vertical patch, at middle of the image, is not a seam but a dark nebula. Seam between image halves is located right from the dark nebula and can not be seen.

Image is updated 21.02., I found more material for outer parts. Now the composition is more "spacey". 

Last Autumn I shot six hours for new H-alpha light for both objects, IC 1396 & Sharpless 129. 
I combined this new data, shot for the mosaic, to all my older material  from years 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012. The final composition has a total exposure time of about 40h for all channels.
Data is shot with various optics, Canon EF 200mm f1.8, Tokina AT-X 300mm f2.8 and LX200 GPS 12" f5. QHY9 and QHY8 cameras are used with a Baader narrowband filter set, Ha, O-III and S-II.
Image spans about ten degrees horizontally. (Twenty full Moons side by side)

I was about to made more dynamic composition out of this. The weather up here didn't support the shooting of the required four mosaic frames. Now the composition is more "informative", than beautiful...

Natural color composition from the emission of ionized elements, R=80%Hydrogen+20%Sulfur, G=100%Oxygen and B=85%Oxygen+15%Hydrogen to compensate otherwise missing H-beta emission. This composition is very close to a visual spectrum.


A study about the scale in a sky

Note. Size of the full Moon is marked as a scale.
(Moon has an apparent diameter of 30', that's 0,5 degrees.)

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