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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Cygnus collection as a poster

Treasures of Cygnus 

I made a collection out of my images from the Cygnus constellation.
At center lays a giant 18-panels mosaic of Cygnus nebulae as a natural color composition. Surrounding closeup images, seen in large central mosaic,  are in HST-palette. All images are shot with the Baader narrow band filter set, H-alpha, S-II & O-III. 
Original, full resolution, poster has a massive size, ~21.000 x 16.000 pixels!

All images used in this presentation, with technical details and labels, can be found from my portfolio at: 

This mid winter has been worst I can remember up here 65N... Over two Months 100% cloud cover and it doesn't look any better in near future either. Very frustrating. 


Patrick said...

Wonderful !!
This compilation is awesome, and let me without voice to give a comment ! ;)

J-P Metsävainio said...

Thank you very much Patrick!

E.Georgii said...

Stunning poster of this "dusty" region !!

I hope for you that the weather will be better soon.

Chapeau bas

J-P Metsävainio said...

Thanks Georgii...

Weather situation doesn't look too good.
Every Summer we have a mandatory pause of six months, due the high latitude, 65N. Winters are dark but very cloudy, this must be one of the worst locations, in Earth, to do astro photography.

Grace | federal posters said...

This Cygnus collection is great! I hope the weather in your place will be better soon. Maybe this is the effect of Global Warming - too dark and cloudy! Better find a place that suits your astro photography.