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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A narrow stripe, a detail from the Cygnus mosaic

This image is a narrow cut  from my previous post, Cygnus project, the grande finale.
Image is reduced a lot, original, full size, mosaic is 14.000x10.000 pixels.
Image stripe in this post is shown at resolution 640x2700, it might take few moments to load, sorry.
The idea is to show, what kind of resolution a well collimated and focused, 200mm f1.8, high end camera lens can deliver.

A cropped and reduced stripe from the Cygnus mosaic in mapped colors. 
Image is combined from emissions of ionized elements, Red=Sulfur, Green=Hydrogen & Blue=Oxygen.

Large area and technical details can be seen in my previous post, Cygnus project, the grande finale.

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