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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Grande mosaic of Cygnus as an anaglyph Red/Cyan 3D

You'll need Red/Cyan Eyeglasses to be able to see images as 3D.If you have a Red and Blue filters, you can use them! Red goes to Left eye.

Click for the large image
Note how dark nebulae are shadowing emission ones.

Vertical composition

Other 3D-formats:

Original 2D:

An Eight panel mosaic of Nebulae in Cygnus in mapped colors.
NOTE, this is a largish file, 1400x1950 pixels and 2,8 meg.

An anaglyph 3D-image from the "Cirrus area", of this mosaic, can be seen here:

Stereo pairs from "Cirrus of Cygnus", Parallel & Cross vision:

NOTE! This is a personal vision about forms and shapes, based on some known facts and an artistic impression.

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