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Sunday, November 27, 2011

A collection of "Sub mosaics" of Cygnus mosaic

A series of panoramic mosaics.
Mosaics are done from the material used in my large, eight panel, mosaic of Cygnus Nebulae.

The "Cirrus area" of Cygnus

From North America & Pelican Nebulae to the "Cirrus area" at Right.

Four panels mosaic from North America & Pelican Nebulae to Crescent Nebula.

Three panel mosaic from "Cirrus area" of Cygnus to the Tulip Nebula at upper Right.

Two panel mosaic from Butterfly to the Crescent Nebula.

Two panel mosaic from Butterfly to the "Cirrus area" of Cygnus.

Couple of panoramas in natural color palette from narrowband channels

Two panel mosaic from Butterfly to the "Cirrus area" of Cygnus.

From North America & Pelican Nebulae to the "Cirrus area" at Right.

The "Cirrus area" of Cygnus

Three panel mosaic from "Cirrus area" of Cygnus to the Tulip Nebula at upper Right.

I made mosaic panoramas above, since I now have several over lapping images from constellation Cygnus.
The massive resolution, eight panel, mosaic of Nebulae in Cygnus can be seen in this blog post:

Eight panel mosaic of Cygnus, used for the panoramas

An eight panel mosaic of Nebulae in constellation Cygnus.
All panoramic images above are made from this material.

A very large, 7,5 meg and 3000x2000 pixel, version can be seen HERE.

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