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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Moon images from a new point of view

This original image of the Moon is used to make all of the images below by using my 3D-transformation technique.
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"Crescent" view to a half a Moon
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"Surface" view to half a Moon
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Moon images in this post looks kind of odd...
They are real images of the moon, imaged by me years ago, showing a half Moon with the Earth shine.
(Shadowed side of the Moon get lit by the light reflected from the Earths atmosphere, hence the bluish color)
Actually you can't see the Moon from Earth at this angle!
Images are done by re projecting the moon image to a sphere made by a 3D-software. After that you can select any new viewpoint to a Moon, as long as the point of interest stays on the visible side of the Moon. It's kind of having a private Moon orbiter.
I like this method, since the actual image data stays practically untouched, it just get seen from an other angle. 

I developed this technique back in 2005. At the time it gets published by the "Sky & Telescope" magazine.
(J-P Metsävainio, A New Way of Looking at the Moon. Sky & Telescope, Jan 2005, p 142-146.)

I have made several short movies with this technique, here are some links to them:

This movie shows the principle of the technique used:

Please note. To see the movies at full resolution, click the HD-resolution selector at the lower Right corner of the Youtube Window. Double click the movie window to see the movie in full screen.

A Moon surface image series, converted from an image at top of the page.
"Fly over the terminator zone"

Surface view 1

Surface view 2