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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Moon images from new point of view, set II

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I'm a deep sky photographer and the Moon usually is just an other form of light pollution to me.
The Moon can be a source of inspiration too. (An sometimes good for romantic feelings, I have been told...)
As an astronomical photographer I started with Moon images, as so many do. The 3D-transformation technique of mine gives a possibility to see the Moon from an angle not seen from Earth. This brings a new life to an old Moon image back from 2004.

In this series, some major features in full Moon are seen directly overhead 

3D-twisted image, Mare Imbrium seen directly overhead.

3D-twisted image, Crater Tycho seen directly overhead.

3D-twisted image, Mare Crisium seen directly overhead.

3D-twisted image, Crater Stevinus seen directly overhead.

3D-twisted image, Craters Copernicus and Kepler, at lower Right center, seen directly overhead.

At previous post, you will see why I'm playing with old Moon images...

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