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Friday, July 29, 2011

artist|rising portfolio

I have opened a small test gallery in artist|rising web service as a test.
There are some high resolution images for sale as a high quality printed copies 
They have a very good framing service as well.

A 3 day old Moon & Earth shine, one of the images in artist|rising portfolio

Sample pricing for archival photographic paper:
from 8x10" and 15,90$
up to 36"x48" and 59,99$

Sample pricing for heavy acid free watercolor paper:
from 8x10" and 19,90$
up to 36"x48" and 139$

NOTE. I have a much large collection of images in my portfolio.
You can place an order for any image in the folder "My Best Images"
Price level is about the same as in artist|aising service above.
There is not as good options for a framing, hence this test with the artist|rising.

1 comment:

art and design portfolio said...

Wow, I didn't see this kind of artwork before. Rare! this 3 day moon looks amazing. Just loved this stuff. I need to some more unique artwork like 'moon' with such digital detailing.