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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Deep deep space, an anaglyph Red/Cyan 3D movie

You'll need Red/Cyan Eyeglasses to be able to see the movie as 3D.
If you have a Red and Blue filters, you can use them! Red goes to Left eye.

A ten minute still motion movie from a collection of my experimental 3D-astronomical objects.

Please note, there is a HD-selector, at lower Right corner of the window, set to 360p.
If you like to see the movie in higher resolution, use this selector. Maximum resolution of the movie is 1080p.
Double click the movie window to see it in full screen!

3D-images used in the movie and more can be found, in different 3D-formats, from my portfolio.

All the material in this movie have been imaged and converted by me. Original 2D-images used for the movie, can be found here:

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