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Thursday, May 5, 2011

A set of new and redone stereo images

Since we are out of astronomical darkness, up here 65N, at the moment, I have redone some 3D-studies
out of older images. There is a one new 3D stereo pair too, the PuWe1 planetary nebula.
Other 3D-formats can be found here:

M45, the Pleiades, a reflection nebula in Taurus
Ra 03h 47m 24s Dec +24° 07′ 00"

Parallel vision 3D

Cross vision 3D

IC1396, an emission nebula in Cepheus

Parallel vision 3D

Cross vision 3D

PuWe1, a Planetary Nebula in Lynx
 Ra 06h 19m 34s Dec +55° 36′ 42"

Parallel vision 3D

Cross vision 3D

Original 2D:

NOTE! This is a personal vision about forms and shapes, based on some known facts and an artistic impression.

Viewing instructions:

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