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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

NGC 55, irregular galaxy in constellation Sulptor

Note. Color balance edited 16.09.

NGC 55, barred irregular galaxy in constellation Sculptor. Distance about 7 million light years.


When I was stacking the Luminance channel of NGC55, I noticed two moving objects in a field.
I made animations of them to show the movement. It could be nice to know, what they are. When I'll find out,
I'll post the information here!
A friend in Finnish astronomical group, "Astronetti", found the information for objects by using the "Minor Planet Checker"  Here is the information for both objects:

Object designation         R.A.           Decl.         V       Offsets          Motion/hr   Orbit  Further observations?
 (20031) 1992 OO         00 14 06.8  -39 17 11  15.7   9.0W    5.4S    20-    35-   12o  None needed at this time.
  2005 UD530               00 13 51.8  -39 13 53  19.7  11.9W   2.1S    33-     0+    3o  Desirable between 2010 Sept.            
  15-Oct. 15.

Animated areas are marked in this single 600s luminance frame.

Location, Brisbane Australia
Date, 14.09.2010
Time Zone, UTC +10h
The animation has13 x 600s frames, taken between 10:25 and 13:31 UTC.

The whole field animated showing both moving objects. First object at Two a clock position and the second one at Eight a clock position.

Closeup animation of first object.

An animated closeup of the second object.

It's always fascinating to see something moving in a deep space! An other part of fun is trying to find out, what it might be.

Technical details:

16" RCOS ja Apogee U9000 camera. 
LRGB combo. An Australian remote telescope
13x600s for the Luminance and 3x600s / RGB-channel . Dark, Bias and Flat calibrated.
Raw data is shared by Petri Kehusmaa and J-P Metsavainio

Processing workflow:
Image acquisition, MaxiDL
Stacked and calibrated in CCDStack.
Deconvolution with a CCDSharp, 30 iterations.
Levels, curves and color combine in PS CS3.

A general note:
Seeing was really bad during the imaging sequence, FWHM varied between 8" -5,5"

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