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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Something new!

for Northern Galactic members telescope 

My first target was a M 104, the "Sombrero galaxy"

Note, image is kind of "preview", since all the calibration files are not yet taken.

I have been a member of Northern Galactic astronomical  group for some time now. Recently  they have opened up a possibility for members  to remote operate a great astronomical instrument in Australia.

This has been a wonderful opportunity for me to use a "never-ever-have-enough-money-for-it" instrument and secondly this is my first ever possibility to shoot from a dark location!

Technical details for M104 image:
Instrument information in an image.
25x300s for the Luminance and 4x300s / RGB-channel
Only Dark frame calibrated, since Flats are not ready yet.

For me, it's very confusing to shoot from the Southern hemisphere, since the sky is rotating to wrong direction! Targets, and Sun, rice from West and go down to East.  Beside that, constellations are new to me.
I'm all thrilled!

Special thanks to Bert Candusio for making this possible for me!

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