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Saturday, April 10, 2010

IC 1805 as a stereo pair

I found this image of IC 1805, the "Heart nebula", from my hard drive. It's originally imaged back in 2007.

Technical details: 
ED80 + QHY8, guiding LX200+QHY5 UHC-filter 4h+flats+bias
Since this is imaged with an UHC-s filter, star colors are real!

3D-Stereo pair(s) in a broadband natural color composition.

Parallel vision

Cross vision

Much more stereo images can be found HERE

NOTE! This is a personal vision about forms and shapes, based on some known facts and an artistic impression

Stereo pair in the HST-palette (Hubble Space Telescope)
Red=Sulfur, Green=Hydrogen and Blue=Oxygen.
Colors are taken from this newer image:
Scroll down a bit...

Parallel vision

Cross vision

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