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Friday, January 29, 2010

One more test with a 3D-animation of nebulae

The current version of  an animation algorithm seems to broduce some artifacts to stars,
not at every time but now and then. After all, this algorithm is originally ment for regular images.
I made a test with a IC 410 nebula image with supressed stars, the actual nebulosity is much more clear and since there is no stars, animation is clean.

Please, let the images load for few seconds to see them!

A starless version of IC 410 delivers an artifact free image. (Looks like a Baroque painting.)
Original 2D-image HERE
Other 3D-formats HERE

A 3D-animated version of M45, even though there is a dense star field,
just few artifacts can be seen.
Original 2D-image HERE
Other 3D-formats HERE

This service is used to convert a stereo pair images to an animation:

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