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Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I mentioned about hardware problems in this post. Problems I ment are in a telescopes electric, not in my camera. I like to clear this up.
QHY9 will have soon a software update and it'll work without flaws in my extreme conditions too.
Bottom line.
QHY9 has been a bigest upgrade for my equipments ever!

We have now clear up here 65N and temperature is nice -30 celsius (-22 Farenheit).
Seeing looks good, transparency is not too good though.

Can't do any imaging since my equipments are not working due many hardware issues.
I have spend countles hours fixing things and now there is only couple of issues left.
I just have spend six hours to do some power measurements to pinpoint failure(s), three hours of them outside.

I feel really frustrated to be unable to use clear night(s)... what a shame.

I made a small face lift to my Blog. There is now larger preview images and both columns are wider, hope you'll like!

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