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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Anaglyph 3D astro images and movies

I have just updated my Zenfolio "Volumetric 3D images" anaglyph folder. There is now direct links to an anaglyph 3D-movies in YouTube! You'll need Red/Cyan Eyeglasses to be able to see images right. NOTE! If you have Red & Green filters, you can use them instead! Red goes to Left eye. Please, click HERE to see an anglyph image folder in Zenfolio service. Edit. I add direct links to a 3D-anaglyph movies in this post for your convenience. Zenfolio 3D-folder has 3D-still images from all targets, if you like to see them too, click the link above. Sh2-240 3d-anaglyph movie California Nebula 3D-anaglyph movie Pelican Nebula 3D-anaglyph movie IC 410 Nebula 3D-anaglyph movie North AmericaNebula 3D-anaglyph movie Rosette Nebula 3D-anaglyph movie Tulip Nebula 3D-anaglyph movie Butterfly Nebula 3D-anaglyph movie Moon 3D-anaglyph movie IC 1396 Nebula 3D-anaglyph movie M27 Planetary Nebula 3D-anaglyph movie NGC 281 Nebula 3D-anaglyph movie Soul Nebula 3D-anaglyph movie ! If you have a slow connection speed, please, press pause and wait some time for video to load. Note! Movies are in 720i HD-format. Press the HD-symbol in lower Right corner in YouTube to see movie in HD.

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