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Saturday, December 12, 2009

A new version of the Veil animation.

I made this one again to a HD-format (720x1280) To see this in Youtube: KLICK HERE Please, klick the HD-symbol in Youtube screen to see this video in HD!
Original video can be downloaded from HERE
This video is done by splitting the original 2D-image to a layers by type under a PS. Layers are then projected to a real 3D-sufaces in a 3D-modeling SW, in this case the TrueSpace.
The resulting 3D-model is the animated to a movie file.
NOTE! This is a personal vision about forms and shapes, based on some known facts and artistic impression. The original 2D-image can be found HERE

In this vsualization a massive Star ends its life to a explosion, known as a Supernova!
An older, no HD, version of the Animation can be found HERE

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Anonymous said...

That is utterly superb - a brilliant piece of work!!