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Monday, November 23, 2009

Soul Nebula, testing

Animation, Stars vs No Stars.
Sometimes it's usefull to see the Nebula without stars.
Human brains has a tendency to form Shapes and lines from a cloud of dots, in this case Stars.
By removing Stars the actual Nebulosity is seen better.
If the object is located in a very dense Starfield, some dimmer parts might not be seen at all.
I have noticed, that large shapes and formations in a Nebula comes visible by this way.
I can compare this to a CT Scan image, where different tissues can be seen. It's still a real image of the human been, even skin and clothes can't be seen.
After all, in a reality, Stars are only mathematical points, with no dimensions, doe the huge distance.
The difraction and atmosphere blow up the image of a Star to a small disk.
The method used for a Star supression is descripted in a "Tone Mapping" PDF-document HERE. An other sample. Working with a dim targets and an extreme dense Star field:

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