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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

RGB and Narrowban data Testing

Original RGB-image from 2007 RGB + Natural color narrowband data 50%/50% RGB + HST-narrowband. Mixed 40% as luminance/60%HST + star color 100% from RGB - -
I found an older RGB-image of Elephant's Trunk Nebula, from year 2007.
It's imaged with a UHC-s filter. this filter gives real Star colors. Camera was a single shot QHY8 cooled astro camera.
Exposures for RGB image:
Meade LX200 Gps 12"@f6.3 with a UHC-s filter, 5x900s only.
I have combined this RGB image to a reacently imaged narrowband data.
Interesting looking combination, softer look and real Star colors.

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