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Thursday, October 15, 2009

A new project, The Cat's Eye Nebula

At the same night, when I finalized the Tulip Nebula, I took first frames for my next target.
Cat's Eye nebula is a small, complex structured, Planetary nebula in constellation Drago.
In this first version, only H-alpha light is exposed. There is strong O-III component in its halo.
Doe its small angular size, good seeing is needed to show any internal details in nebula's core.
Seeing was really bad and I just tryed to capture H-a for outer halo.
However, there was some details in bright core as well.
Details; -Camera, QHY9 - Optics, Meade LX200 GPS 12" @ f4.65 - Guiding, Lodestar and SXV-AO @ 8Hz - Exposures, 10x600s and 4x1200s with 7nm H-alpha filter.
- image scale is 0.8 arcsecond/pixel
A "pre Stereogram"



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