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Sunday, September 13, 2009

M27 in two palettes

Natural colors
In a Hubble palette, S-II=Red, H-a=Green and O-III=Blue -

I was able to shoot data for other channels and more lights for H-alpha, last night.
Same data than H-alpha version in last post.
Additional two hours for H-a, now 4,5h together,
6x600s, binned 2x2, for O-III and 2x600s, binned 3x3, for S-II.
More information about the target HERE.

O-III channel is very strong. Note. there is interesting looking shadow at three a clock position.
Hint of an other shadow can be seen in a nine a clock position too.


Crowbard said...

I'm fascinated by the alignment of those two black wedges! It looks as though there is something like a bi-directional black-hole at the centre of this galaxy cleaning up all the matter and light within a narrow processional cone! What sort of gymnastics would a black-hole have to perform to give this effect?

Aza said...

Stunning clarity and sharpness to this image. Well done indeed.

J-P Metsavainio said...


You have some great images in your Blog.