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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


There is now a new version of Tone Mapping, TM v2.0
It can be found here:

I was one of the speakers in NEAIC conference in Suffern NY , what a wonderfull experience!
A very special thanks to Bob Moore for all you hard work!
I'll write a review about NEAIC and NEAF later.

.I made a promise to publish the content of my speech, so here we go;

Download link for TM work flow:

Secondly the 2D to 3D work flow, a download link:

The GIF-animation in PSD doesn't work, you can see it by klicking the image belowe.


In this image you can see the whole "Tone Mapping" procedure at ones.


Anonymous said...

I was at NEAIC this year and really enjoyed your talk. I hope to try out your techniques as soon as I've collected some more data.

J-P Metsavainio said...

Thanks Jim!

I'll love to see some results and here comments too, to be able to improve the technique.


Dieter Willasch said...

I have used your technique on my latest emission line image of Rosette Nebula with my FSQ 106ED. The result can be seen on my website under "The Latest".
I think it is a promising method, which I would like to use also for standard RGB images for removing the star background and then putting well balanced star colors back in place after having strongly stretched the nebulae parts.
Do you have some experience with this?


J-P Metsavainio said...

Hi and thanks for commenting.

You have wonderful astroimages in your site, never visited there before. I can see, you have a very unique style as well, very very beautiful.

I have tested this method with broadband images too. It works just great with some modifications. Since I have used material for other imagers, I haven't publish any results. My LP situation is so bad, that I'm not able to do any serious broadband work.

I will write a new, updated version of "tone mapping" procedure in near future with an experimental broadband work flow.


Dieter Willasch said...

Thank you for your kind remarks.

I think I will try your tonemapping technique on some of my broadband images.

If you need some good RGB frames, i.e. from my Sutherland seesions, to experiment, I would send you these via e-mail or normal mail depending on the file size.
For this I would need your (e-mail) address.
You will find my e-mail address on my website under "Contact".

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