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Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Bubble Nebula in HST-palette

I relized yesterday, that I actually shot Narrowband colors for the Bubble Nebula!
The colors are from a small part of the wide field image belowe. I marked it there.
This image of Sh2-157 is shot November 10 2008. The original image and data can be found
The original Bubble nebula, from 2007, is Shot with much higher focal lenght. It can be found HERE.
It's amazing how litle and low resolution color information is enough to build HST-palette image.
The signal from S-II and O-III channels is carefully mixed to a H-a channel.
Then the O-III and S-II boosted H-a channel is used as a luminance.
I must try this tecnique with some other, older , narrowband images as well!

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