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Friday, March 6, 2009

The California Nebula, NGC1499

NGC1499 in HST-palette
At night of 25.02.2009 I shot more lights for NGC1499, the California Nebula,
to see how deep I'm able to go.
Original narrowband color image can be seen here:
I borrowed O-III and S-II cahnnels from there and added them to new H-a channel to
boost it with, otherwise missing, wavelenghts.
After that I used this O-III and S-II boosted H-a image as a new luminance over the the
Original data can be found behind the link, new data is:
13x600s8, Binned down 2x2 + 4x1200s, Binned 1x1 with Canon EF 200mm @f1.8.

NGC1499 in "natural" colors, mixed from H-a, O-III and S-II

I haven't been able to find any information about this formation.
It looks to me like an old Planetary Nebula?
If you have any information about this, please, leave a message.
I add here a small animation about processing steps of the O-III channel.
Information in this channel is very dim and a special threadment is needed to reveal it.
In attached GIF-animation normally stretched O-III image is not showing any obivious shades.
When stars are removed image can be stretched very differently, since I don't have to
care about bloating stars.
(In narrowband imaging Stars, as they are broadband targets and contanes no relevant information, can be removed.)
In a final stage of processing all stras are returned, with a special tecnique, with no data lost.
The animation is a gropped from midle of the O-III image.

Klick to image to see an animation, note. large size, 3.2MB.

NGC1499 in HST-palette without Stars to better show the actual nebulosity.

NGC1499 H-alpha light without Stars.

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