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Monday, February 16, 2009

IC443 in HST-palette

Last night was clear for a long time, I used it to shot
IC443 Supernove remnant. This was a first light for my new Observatory,
POD (Personal observatory Dome).
The O-III signal is weak. After some extreme stretching of the data
there was plenty of it after all. I have not noticed before how far it continues
outside of the Hydrogen alpha area. O-III can be now seen at seven a
clock from the main formation and some faint areas in upper left corner with H-alpha.
Exposures: -H-alpha 8x1200s binned 1x1
-S-II 4x600s binned 2x2 -O-III 5x600s binned 2x2 Optics: Tokina 300mm TX f2.8 @ f2.8 Camera: QHY9 @ -50 C Guiding: Lx200 GPS 12" + LQHY5 and PHD-Guiding
Grop from the center, not bad details for a 300mm camera lens. IC443 as a natural color version, mixed from narrowband channels. H-alpha 100% + 35%S-II = RED, O-III = GREEN and O-III 100% + 30%H-alpha = BLUE.
A Starless version to show the nebulosity better.
Note an extended Triple Ionized Oxygen outburst in lover left from main feature in middle.

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