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Sunday, February 1, 2009

The heart & Soul Nebula as an Stereo Pair.

Ones again, I turned this image of "Heart & Soul" Nebula to a Stereo pair format by adding some volume. The result is more or less an educational guess about real 3D appearance of this formation. - Two versions, first for Parallel Vision , and the second for Cross Vision method.
I made this stereo pair to show the "real" nature of this target. The gas and stars are floating in three dimensional space forming three dimensional forms, rather than being a 2D painting on the canvas.
The "Soul" part of the Nebula (Left) seems to be closer to us
by some sources, some other sources states, that it has a same distance as
the "heart" (Right).
In this Stereo precentation the previous option is realized.
The original image and the imaging information can be found here:
Viewing instructions, please, look for the Right hand side menu.

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