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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cone and Rosette Nebula mosaic!

Cone and Rosette in HST-palette. Image spans horizontally 10 degrees.

Same image with reduced stars to show the nebulosity better.
Area in "natural" colors. Mixed from narrowband data; Red=70%H-a + 30%S-II, Green=100%=-III and Blue=85%O-III+15%H-a - -

At night of 24.02. I shot this data before a Comet Lulin in previous post. I allway wanted to show this interesting area between Rosette and Cone. As can be seen in the image, they both are part of same large nebula complex.

A horizontal versions Are for your viewing pleasure. Here is a real postion in the Sky, North up. This area is sometimes called as a "Christmas Tree Cluster". Now I can see why! With current equipments I can have both, highresolution and wide field. - - IMAGING DATA: Camera QHY9 Guiding QHY5 Optics Canon EF 200mm f1.8 lens Platform LX200 GPS 12" - Exposures for Cone Nebula part: H-a = 2 x 1200s S-II = 2 x 600s O-II = 2 x 600s - Exposures for Rosette Nebula part: H-a = 3 x 1200s S-II = 2 x 600s O-III = 2 x 600s - Final image is 7000 x 2500 pixels and the resolution is 5,5 pixels/arc second

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