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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Comet Lulin

Two panel mosaic, the bright planet, in upper part of image, is Saturn.
It seems, that there is lots of ionized gas in the comet Lulin.
I was litle sceptical about using narrowband filters to a broadband target, like a comet.
After all, there was plenty of signal from all three bands, S-II, H-a and O-III, there is even large differenses between differnt bands (look for the last image of this post)
Colors are mixed isn HST (Hubble Space Telescope) palette.
With extermely fast f1.8 200mm lens I used exposures from UHC-s filter's 30s
to 600s for Hydrogen alpha filter.
comet with starfield
The field of view is about five degrees!
The tail in the image is about 2.2 degrees
A starless version

This is a fast comet, exposure time about an hour. - Eguipments: Canon EF 200mm @ f1.8 camera, QHY9 Guiding, QHY5 and PHD-guiding Exposures, H-a, S-II, O-III and UHC, total five hours.

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