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Thursday, February 12, 2009

3. Universe Today article


A new article by Tammy Plotner in Universe Today:
At this time I turned the Hubble Space Telescopes image of "Cat's eye" Nebula
to the spatial format.
At the article, there was a comment about error in the original image pair by B. Crumb.
He wrote:
"The axis of the bipolar flow of the planetary nebula doesn't look quite right to me. It doesn't seem to match the velocity measures made of various features within the nebulosity, nor the calculated about 32 degrees to the line of sight. With blunt criticism, Jukka Metsavainio might just like to check a few paper on the morphology of planetary nebula (G.Pascoli work of 1999 comes to mind.), to make sure the stereo images show what has already been derived.Nice pic though."
I have fixed the image pair after the previous comment, thanks B. Crumb.
The Parallel Vision version of fixed Cat's eye Nebula. Hubble Heritage image edited by me.

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