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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sh2-240, a Supernova remnant. (Simeis 147)

I have never seen this object in HST narrowband colors.
After strucling with this last night, I don't wonder why.
This is a extremely difficult objekt it has a super low surface brightness and
it's huge!
This is a supernova remant in Taurus & Auriga it has the angular diameter of 200'x180'. Thats about 8 full Moon!
There was very litle data on O-III channel.
With extreme stretching and by using the method I have developed for narrowband work, some O-III glow can be clearly be seen deep down in data.
Total exposure time was relatively short doe the very fasr f1.8 optics.
-H-alpha 12x600s binned 1x1+ 24x300s binned 2x2, total 4h
-S-II 5x600s binned 2x2
-O-III 14x300s binned 3x3
Canon 200mm EF f1.8 @ f1.8
QHY9 @ -50 C
Lx200 GPS 12" + LQHY5 and PHD-Guiding
The information in O-III channel is extremely weak.
I used a special technique of mine to dig it out for color information.
This image serie shows how weak the O-III realy is.
Here is a Starless version to better show the nebulosity.
I keep coming back to this fascinating object, there is something mysterious
about its appearance and the fact, that it's difficult to shoot makes it even more interesting.
Here is some elaier tryouts with Sh2-240:

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