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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A New Observatory!

After shooting from very bad location many years I finally have had
a new location for my observatory.
It stil located in very center of the Town and light pollution is a huge problem.
the good thing is, that new place has a good warm room next to the roof dec.
The dec is very well protected from the wind and I have 360 degree free view above 25 degree. There will be a protective building around the telescope in near future.
I build a permanent pear for the telescope. It makes a huge difference to my polar alignment
and vibrations. Since I'm using my telescope for photographing only, I made the pier
only 60 cm high. It's very heavy doe the 20mm steal and the actual pier diameter is 200mm.
Here is some images from the new location.

Telescope on the new pier

Canon 200mm f1.8 monster lens on the telescope. The pier before painting and bolting down. Leveling is done by the four bolt in the concrete.


Anonymous said...

i own a canon lens and i would like to use it with a qhy9, just like you. Can you explain how do you adapt your lens on the ccd ? Do you use filter wheel ? Thank you.

J-P Metsävainio said...


Please have a look here:

Less radical and permanent method is use of an adapter between the lens and the camera.
look for this forum, there is several solutions and products.
You can use the Search function in the forum.
I don't use a filter wheel. Instead that, I use a filter drawer.

Remember, there is a very limited backfocus distance in the Canon lenses, it varys between the models.