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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Stero Image Pair Action

New version is under construction, might take a while though...


-Generates two, Parallel and the Cross Vision, versions
- Better star size handling
- Some minor improvements
Here is the first version of stereo image Action.
Primary usage is for Nebulae.
Please, let me know if it's working. This is originally made for PS CS3, but it might work with older version as well. - This Action generates a Parallel View version of Stereo Image. If you need the Cross Vision version, just flip the images in the opposite order, Left image to Right and Right image to Left.
This action generates a temporary image in
the C: root named "Starless copy.psd"
You might want to delete it manually later.
This action has to be placed in the same folder with previous "StarRemove1"
action, to make it work right!
If some problems occurt, you might like look help from
CloudyNights group, here:
There has been lots of work to develop this kind of technic. If you feel, you like to support my work, please, use a donate Button in the Right hand side Menu. Thank You!

1 comment:

matts.sporre said...

Terve J-P

This is a great tool and it works perfect with CS2. I still have left to use it smartly in my Viel nebula processing. Thanks a lot!

One other question. Have you ever considered being a member in the Yahoo group for digital astrophotography using DSLR? I think you would be a valueable contributor and there is a lot of good discussions and tips there.

If you are interested here is the adress

You can apply for membership there easily by clicking "Join this group!" and fill in the details.

Hope to hear from you there.