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Monday, November 3, 2008

NGC6888, the "Crescent Nebula"

NGC6888 in Hubble palette "natural" color version
H-alpha channel
I imagined the "Butterfly Neula" 29.09.2008.
At the time I left NGC6888 out of the field of view
to be able to better frame the Butterly nebula.
You can see part of the NGC6888 at lower right corner of the Butterly nebula image here:
At this time I wanted to capture the Crescent Nebula with the surraunding nebulosity.
NGC6888 is usually seen in longer focallenght images but I found wider field
as interesting doe the colorful and detailed nebula structure.
Imaging data: Camera, QHY8 - Filters, Baader 7nm H-alpha, Baader 8,5nm O-III and Baader 8nm S-II - Optics, Tokina AT-X 300mm @ f2.8 - Exposures, 4X 1200s H-alpha, 3 X 1200 O-III and 2X1200s S-II + flats and bias - Guiding, LX200 GPS 12" + PHD-guiding and Lodestar

I made a small mosaic from NGC6888 and the Butterfly Nebula.
The colorful "tale" of the Butterfly spans trough both images.

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