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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

NGC1499, the "California Nebula" as a Stereo pair

This target reveals new structures in emission line imaging.
I made this presentation to show, how to I see, the structure
of this beautiful nebula.
Triple ionized Oxygen (O-III) signal was weak,
it can be seen as a Blue in the image. It seems to reach up to bright
star "Menkib" (HIP18614).
Menkib is energizing the strong emission from NGC1499,
outburs of O-III looks like relating to it.
Very interesting, but I don't know is this well known phenomen.
As usual, there is two versions. One for parallel vision, and the other one for cross vision methods. Thats because some part of the viewers can see one of the method in 3D, but not the other. (I can't see cross vision images - How to see this in 3D? Please, look for the right hand side menu for instructions.
Klick this image, if you can't see either of the stereo methods above. This is a animated image showing steroimage as a small animation. It will gives an idea, what can be seen in stereo images.
Link to the original imaging data and the image:

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