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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Cygnus Trio in Stereo pair

Again, this is not a accurate precentation of actual 3D data.
This is more like a "educated guess"
I made this one to show the actual nature of this target.
The gas and stars are floating in three dimensional space forming three dimensional forms,
rather than being a 2D painting on the canvas.
As usual, there is two versions. One for parallel vision, and the other one for cross vision methods. Thats because some part of the viewers can see one of the method in 3D, but not the other. (I can't see cross vision images
How to see this in 3D?
Please, look for the right hand side menu for instructions.
Klick this image, if you can't see either of the stereo methods above.

This is a animated image showing steroimage as a small animation.
It will gives an idea, what can be seen in stereo images.


Unknown said...

it would be great to know how you create stereo images. However, I find them really fantastic. thanks for sharing them with us at the NarrowBandImaging mailinig list.

Luca (Italy)

J-P Metsavainio said...

Thanks Luca,

There is a step by step tutorial under "research and development",
In right hand side menu, for
the stereograms.


Unknown said...

Todella hieno toi stereo-kuva.. Vähän (ihan minimaalisesti) häiritsi tosin että syvyys loppui ikäänkuin tasoon eikä kiertynyt etäisyyteen.