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Monday, October 13, 2008

The Heart & Soul in narrowband colors

This beautiful pair is located in Cassiopeia.
Real names are IC1848 and IC1805, but sometimes
they are called "Heart and Soul"
Narrowband color image shows different areas in different colors.
Hydrogen can be seen as Green, Sulfur as Red and Oxygen as Blue.
Here is couple of links to the Wikipedia, if you like to know
more of those objects.
This image has a long and narrow shape becouse
Image is a two panel mosaic.
Unfortunatetly This Blog has a limit with image hight,
image here is a very small version of original high resolution one.
Imaging data:
Camera, QHY8 -
Baader 7nm H-alpha, Baader 8,5nm O-III and Baader 8nm S-II -
Tokina AT-X 300mm @ f2.8 -
Exposures, 14X 1200s H-alpha, 6 X 1200 O-III and 6X1200s S-II + flats and bias
(exposures are divided between both images in mosaic) - Guiding, LX200 GPS 12" + PHD-guiding and Lodestar

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