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Sunday, September 14, 2008

11.09, the opening image of the season

This is a first light for my new equipment, Tokina AT-X 300mm f2.8 manual focus lens. North America and Pelican nebula shooted @ f2.8 with Baader 7nm H-alpha filter. I will shoot later S-II and O-III channels to this target (those two filters are new as well) to create a false color narrowband image. Even full open, this lens is very sharp and large diameter (112mm) combined to a fast optics (f2.8) collects photons fast. Exposure time to this relatively deep image was only 5 x 900s = 1h and 15min. This fast lens has a very narrow critical focus zone, about 17microns. (17/1000mm !) I updated my homemade focusing system for this lens to use it with FocusMax software. Camera: QHY8 (Red pixels only) Guiding: Lodestar guider and PHD-guiding with LX200 GPS 12" Exposures: 5 x 900s with Baader 7nm H-alpha filter Lens: Tokina AT-x 300mm @ f2.8
Here is a same image but all stars are removed. This way more details are visible in nebula area
and total amount of nebulosity is revealed.

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